Creating an Ultrarealisitc Emma Watson Portrait

Check out the ultrarealistic portrait of Emma Watson made by Roja Huchez, a modeler behind Avatar, The Fantastic Four, and The Last of Us ll.

Roja Huchez shared an interview with TexturingXYZ about his work on creating a realistic portrait of Emma Watson. Roja Huchez started his career in the early 2000s, working at first as a 2D designer, drawing and animating and continuing his path working on some movies such as Avatar, Fantastic Four, and more recently on The Last of Us part II. He is now working as a Head of Creature, with a strong interest in multiple disciplines such as facial rigging, modeling, texturing, and Lookdev.

In this interview, he shares some tips and tricks during his work on the project, discusses the workflow, and shows, what tools were used in the process. The interview has got a lot of useful images, that can be used as references both by aspiring artists and industry veterans.

"That’s the current workflow, but now there is another level to which you can bring realism by using TexturingXYZ’s Hyperskin," says the author. This might mean that using his workflow and tools it is possible to create even more real-looking portraits.

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