Creating Hair for Games Webinar with Johan Lithvall
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Creating Hair for Games Webinar with Johan Lithvall
25 September, 2018

In this webinar, Johan Lithvall will cover his overall workflow and process, and the technical elements to create realistic rendered hairstyles for games.

In an effort to achieve realistic characters and digi doubles, whether for film or games, creating realistic and believable hair is a huge selling point. From helmet hairdos, to sparse hair cards, to detailed looking layered hair sculpts with splines & dynamics created in Xgen, studio artists are specializing in hair creation. After all, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and hair plays a huge role in defining that believability. In this next industry session, we’ll give you a better insight into that process. We’re happy to have Johan Lithvall, Hair Specialist, who was responsible for creating some of the amazing hairstyles for the main characters of the stunning game, Horizon Zero Dawn. Johan, not only created the hero assets, but established a pipeline for the hair creation, and educated outsourcing vendors in creating hairs and workflows. Johan will cover his overall workflow and technical elements to create realistic hairstyles. He’ll also briefly talk about his highly successful class, “Hair Creation for Games.” This will be an exciting session to look forward to!

To join this webinar, click the link below to register:

Creating Hair for Games with Johan Lithvall | Webinar Registration

Date: Saturday, September 29, 2018, at 12:00PM PDT (Pactific Time | US and Canada), GMT -7

Johan Lithvall is a Hair Specialist and Character Artist, who specializes in real-time rendered hair for games. He was responsible for the full production of hair for Horizon Zero Dawn, including but not limited to: creating benchmark assets, including the hair for the main heroine; establishing a pipeline in the creation of hair; educating outsourcing vendors in the creation of hair, and providing live feedback sessions to studios as well as daily feedback to the artists. His other professional experience ranges from Killzone: Shadow Fall to The Walking Dead. He is currently a full-time freelancer and consultant for the games industry while living and travelling the world as a digital nomad.


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