Creating Lightning from Final Fantasy in UE4
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Creating Lightning from Final Fantasy in UE4
28 September, 2017

The Epic’s engine is capable of great things. We all know that. For example, you create amazing anime-style characters that will work in real time. Check out an old but outstanding quick demo DT cartamania did showing what you can achieve with the help of Unreal Engine 4. Lighting, originally created by Tetsuya Nomura, shines bright like a diamond in UE4.

The artist is also known for his experiments with photorealism from the engine:

This is a quick demo of Emily model testing the subsurface scattering in unreal engine using profiles and shaders, once you learn how it’s made you can use it for any character you want, as long you have the shaders and the texture properly setup, you can get the most realistic result out of unreal engine 4. The purpose of the demo is to showcase what you really you can achieve with Unreal once you have everything setup properly.

DT cartamania 

Make sure to check out more of his experiments here

Source: YouTube

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