Creating Pangaea: The New World
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Creating Pangaea: The New World
8 February, 2016

We talked to the team behind new post apocalypse title Pangaea: the New World about the development of their game, challenges for indie developers, game engines and other things.


We are situated in Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan, fast growing country in Central Asia. The studio was created in 2006 and we started as web developers. Year later our first browser game was released and we decided to continue in this direction. During the next three years 2 more games were released. Moreover, team started some projects for social networks.

In 2013 we started working on a massive online strategy called Levorium. Then we began developing the idea of Pangaea. We made some drafts, collected materials and then successively entered Steam Greenlight in September, 2015. As of now we are working on releasing Levorium with publishers. 15 members of our team are developing Pangaea: New World.

Creating Pangaea: The New World


We’ve been working on the project of Pangaea for a long time, drawing the best from games and trying to get rid of our weaknesses. That’s how we got a set of interesting ideas and views, which we mixed to get something special. Then we started creating our plot. Right from the beginning we knew this game is going to be about the post apocalypse, because it was the best choice for our features – smart ecosystem and living world, its seamlessness and the real trading. What is more, this idea fits team’s interests. We were quite fascinated, finishing plot in no time.

Creating Pangaea: The New World


Pangaea is a 90 km territory, divided into several geo-fences. Each has its own climate, vegetation and creatures inhabiting it. You can find several shrines in Pangaea, surrounded by anomalies. On the edge of Pangaea you will find radiation and mutants. Between the edges and shrines player will find cities and forts, where humans and kinects live.

Creating Pangaea: The New World

Game Engine

We chose Unreal Engine 4 as a main engine for several reasons, but mainly we chose it because it is being constantly developed. You can get the maximum out of it even if you don’t have powerful computer. What is more, it has easy-to-use graphical shell and useful data base.


Our work is divided into modules, each developed by the individuals. Every two weeks modules are mixed and then we start developing a plan for the next iteration. That’s how we have the integrity, while working with several modules. Unreal Engine has a great feature, Blueprint, which allows you to gather all the parts and examine your ideas. If you like the idea and it works, most of it is transferred through c++ to become a part of a module. You need to have at least one person, who sees the project as a whole for your development to continue. Unreal Engine lets us concentrate on developing ideas.

Creating Pangaea: The New World

Post Apocalypse

Our whole team is into post apocalypse theme. We’ve seen and played a lot of such games. Initially S.T.A.L.K.E.R was the closest to our idea. Moreover, we took something good from both legendary Fallout and well-known Metro 2033. We’re trying to do our best and develop great, atmospheric title.

Indie Development

Creating titles as indie developer has its pros and cons. Your whole team interacts and all questions are dealt with really fast. On the other hand, you’ve got limited financial resources.

Creating Pangaea: The New World

About Kickstarter

We’ve been trying to enter Kickstarter since the beginning (approximately 6 months) and we are probably the first to use Kickstarter from our country. We also have US partners, who promote our project in their region. It is a new and challenging experience for us. Developing crowdfunding campaign wasn’t hard, although it takes a lot of time and money. We’ve launched our campaign but had to stop after two weeks. Our US partner made some mistakes, which led to lags with mass media, so we had to stop it.

Creating Pangaea: The New World

Working with Publishers

We are positive about working with publishers. They now have better attitude towards less known studios and can offer you good conditions.  Working with publishers means better covering in mass media, which means more people will know about your project and it will be easier for you to find your customers.

Creating Pangaea: The New World

You can find more info on Pangaea’s official website.

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