Creating The Last of Us Inspired Scene with Megascans Assets

Check out a set of assets from Megascans library that will help you build a scene inspired by finally released The Last of Us Part II. 

For this week's digest, we decided to pick up a few scenes from a long-awaited game, The Last of Us Part II, which has been released last Friday, and find assets that will come as essential if you want to create a scene inspired by the game's world. This compilation mixes concrete surfaces and rocks with vegetation that together create a nice combo for creating an abandoned scene, where nature showed its power over humans. 

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1. Sharp Rock

While escaping the mystic cult, Ellie explores a handful of environments and abandoned places. For any nature scene, this Sharp Rock will be a nice addition and will work as a quite universal base for the ground that we can enhance and diversify by adding moss, grass, and other details. 

2. Icelandic Moss 

We thought that having such a surface in this compilation will definitely come in handy for a few reasons. First of all, every place near the river or waterfall will definitely have a surface covered with moss. Moreover, adding moss to buildings' walls will bring an abandoned feeling to the scene. 

3. Bunker Concrete Wall

Moving to the urban area and buildings, check out this Bunker Concrete Wall asset. It will be a perfect choice for creating half-destroyed intimidating skyscrapers and apartment houses. We'd also recommend you adding some details like cracks, scratches, etc. to fit the scene. 

4. Creeper Ivy 

Creeper Ivy can play the role of a sign that nature took control over human-built places. And it literally grows on each surface in the game which helps to create a feeling of leftover and mystery. 

5. Bracken Fern

And the last one is the Bracken Fern plant. There are plenty of variations of fern in the library, so pick the one you like. We've stopped on this one since it goes together with dead leaves that give off a realistic look.

Did you know that at the beginning of the game, players can try and play some songs on the guitar given to Ellie by Joel? Some players took their time and did covers of their favorite songs. Check it out here!

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