Criterion Games Hopes to Bring Burnout Back

However, there are no "immediate plans."

Need for Speed Unbound – the new installment in the popular racing game series that is set to bring a new visual style, better physical movement, and a high level of customization – is coming just in a few days. The game is developed by Criterion Games which was merged with Codemasters’ Cheshire studio earlier this year and means Criterion's return as the main studio for the franchise.

For those unaware, Criterion is the developer that released Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit in 2010 and then Need for Speed: Most Wanted in 2012.

However, since then, it worked primarily as a support studio that helped deliver such games as Need for Speed Rivals, Star Wars Battlefront II, and Battlefield 2042. Criterion's last project as a standalone studio was a PlayStation VR exclusive mission for Star Wars Battlefront titled Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission released back in 2016.

If you ever wondered how Criterion felt when working as a support studio and what the return to overseeing a big AAA game means for it, the studio's creative director Kieran Crimmins recently shared his thoughts on the topic.

In a new interview with Eurogamer, Crimmins said that the way the team works and feels about its projects never changes depending on what title they develop or help develop – the devs just feel that they're working on the next project and try to "deliver the best possible kind of game feel."

"I think the way in which we work has remained the same – we try and keep as much in our little creative space as possible," Crimmins said. "Coming back to Need for Speed, even when we weren't the lead studio we helped out on nearly all the Need for Speed games – it's very normal for our studios to share resources. It didn't actually feel very different – it just felt like the next projects going on. Although I guess we've got a little bit more skin in the game!"

Speaking of working in tandem with Codemasters Cheshire which became a part of Criterion Games, the creative director said that it was a joyful and pleasant experience as the Codemasters team, which is known for developing another racing game series, Dirt, basically spoke the same language as the Criterion team. However, at the same time, their presence brought new visions and ideas to Need for Speed Unbound.

Elsewhere in the interview, Crimmins was asked whether the return to developing Need for Speed games would be followed by the revival of Criterion's other racing game franchise, Burnout. Crimmins admitted that he really hopes to return to the series and that the whole studio has a passion for it. However, despite this, there are currently no plans to work on a Burnout game.

"Burnout has a unique take on racing that I think would be absolutely phenomenal now. So I guess what I'm saying is, I would love to do that. And I hope that if everything goes well with these games, and we can expand the team, then maybe we can make one of those as well," he said. "It's not in the immediate future plans or anything like that but man, it'd be really fun."

You can learn more about Criterion and their work on Need for Speed Unbound by reading the original story here.

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