Custom Procedural Building Tool
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by Junkrat
12 hours ago

Awesome 😍😍

sir!! where can i get this kit for free .. i dont have money to spent on it !! please give me any source or link...

by Danielle T. Hebert
17 hours ago

Hi It is very nice article to read and i like this. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea to us Have a nice day Give more ideas and article about this Thank you :

Custom Procedural Building Tool
21 November, 2017

Bertrand Cabrol shared a presentation of a building tool he developed to construct cities and building in a matter of minutes. The developer showed some examples of buildings he created for the project he’s working on. What is more, he demonstrated  the way the tool works with a simple example and the procedural workflow behind it. 

The tool is fully procedural, the idea is that you model windows, doors and stuff, the only things you have to worry about is the naming convention, the scale and to be in the center of the world. You plug them into the tool and it’s all you have to do. You can then use them and make buildings, the building will adapt with the scale of the biggest object.

The tool do the topology of the walls based on the windows you assign to it, means that every windows will have a hole of its size in the walls so you can put interiors too since there is floors.

As you can see here the windows position is done with the numbers, you can choose side, floors, column and then detail (individuals), the priority is general to the detail. Means that sides will be overrides by floors, which will be override by collumn and then by details. You can also delete some with the same rules if you put numbers in the last line. You’re up to 10 different objects by buildings. I thought it was enough but it can be upgrade if needed. 

All the Uvs are procedural too and if you have made the Uvs of your windows it will use it. Uvs are stacked by materials and types with the Mari order (1001 1011 etc).

Bertrand Cabrol 

Bertrand optimized as much as he could and it’s said to be almost real-time. Working with the UV’s is still challenging right now.  

Source: Vimeo

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Duan Nguyen
Duan Nguyen

Nice, I want this tool. Will pay for it..