Dark Moon Mod for Elden Ring Introduces 11 New Classes & Bloodborne Mechanics

Faster combat, new weapons and vendors.

Take a look at Dark Moon – a massive mod for Elden Ring that offers 11 new classes and makes the game look more Bloodborne-like. 

Dark Moon is based on another mod, Shattered, which overhauls the combat to make it feel faster. It also replaces rolling with quickstep, adds new weapons, including the ones from Bloodborne, and more.

To this, the creator of Dark Moon Dylan Alexander brings more vendors and gear. There are some cosmetic changes as well: character creation has been expanded to include new hairstyles and glasses, each weapon affinity is accompanied by a subtle effect, the loading screens have been replaced with concept art and the art from the game’s intro, UI has been altered, and new portraits for each class have been added. 

The new classes introduced in the mod are:

  • Wretch
  • Great Knight
  • Thief
  • The Hunter
  • Carian Scholar
  • Alabaster Lad
  • Pyromancer
  • Student of Blood
  • Warlock
  • Friend of Jars
  • Perfumer

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