Dead and Buried – Wild Wild West in VR
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Dead and Buried - Wild Wild West in VR
4 November, 2016
Dead and Buried combines the Wild Wild West and first-person shooter mechanics, bringing unique VR experience. Let’s see if this Oculus’ game is worth your try. 

The game was originally in development by a small team of two – Andrew Welch, the lead engineer and technical director, and Ryan Rutherford, design and environment art. The original idea was to build a 1v1 duel game set in the Wild West, but the gameplay appeared to be shallow in terms of depth and deployability.

When we tried Touch, we were blown away by the hardware and the new gameplay opportunities it provides. Our title was a natural fit for Touch, and we quickly pivoted our strategy to start working on the game.

Over time, the game evolved as we tested new ideas like the duck and cover mechanic (using positional tracking). With Touch, players could physically aim and pick up weapons, which added an entirely new dynamic to the game.


Ryan Rutherford


Software engineer


Dead and Buried has found a way to use cover system in VR. Developers state that it’s a core game mechanic.

All of our levels are blocked out with cover in mind, and some of our weapons are designed to overcome it (like throwing dynamite). When you die, you respawn to another place in the level with a new set of cover opportunities. It’s simple but effective—like having a laser tag or paintball arena in your own home!


Ryan Rutherford


Software engineer


One of the game modes is called Robbery. In this mode, one team tries to rob a train while the other attempts to stop them. The safe is located in the caboose and players battle it out through multiple train cars—sleeper cars, box cars, even a shootout on the roof! When one team wins a skirmish, that team advances while the other falls back. 


You’ll get a chance to check out Dead and Buried for free at Touch launch, Dec. 6!

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