Dead Sea: First CryEngine Game From Thailand
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by Ketki Jadhav
8 hours ago

I really like how you've articulated your entire process. This was a very enriching read. A Well deserved feature!

Great article! Thanks for the awesome read.

Wow, this is so cool! Nice job!

Dead Sea: First CryEngine Game From Thailand
9 January, 2015

Level Designer Rittiron Sontimaung from Phoenix Studio told about the first big game from Thailand built using the CryEngine.

About the Studio

We’re actually a very small company, but we’re very dedicated and motivated. Phoenix Studio is an independent indie studio based in Bangkok, Thailand. The whole team is 11 people but there are only 3-4 full-time developers, the rest are freelancers. This is our first project, so we make a lot of mistakes and have to deal with lots of problems.

dead sea

Dead Sea @ Phoenix Studio

Our country and government are not keen on video games and we plan to change that with the help of all our fans and supporters. A lot of developers here however design indie games, mobile games for iOS, Android but mostly these are small projects with nothing big actually. Actually Dead Sea is the biggest game in country right now and we are the first game in Thai that is being developed using CryEngine.


Such projects are a risk for the artists. But after seeing the level of interest and excitement for Dead Sea, we decided to quit our day jobs and pursue the game full time!

Choosing The Engine and Tools

dead sea

CryEngine is great. It’s one of the most powerful engines nowadays. It gives you very beautiful visual and the SDK tools are not that complicated. It’s much easier to make games with CryEngine, than most of the developers think. It’s dirt cheap as well. CryTek announced that new CryEngine will have a monthly subscription fee of $9.90 per user. Royalty free. It’s a steal if you know a thing or two about game development. This technology is ideal for developing an open world. We manage to do all there is with such a small team in many ways thanks to CryEngine. Another very useful tool is Fuse.

The Game

Dead Sea is an open-world, first-person survival game. A man wakes up to find himself alone in a mysterious desert. His sole priority is to find a way to survive. There are elements of horror, adventure, and puzzle solving. The game is reasonably challenging but not overkill. Surviving isn’t supposed to be easy.

dead sea

Dead Sea @ Phoenix Studio

This is not really a sandbox. More like a survival horror. We have a non linear story. There will be different paths you can take to complete the game. To get to the bottom of things you’ll have to look through books, photographs, letters, objects and take part in random events.

Indiegogo vs Kickstarter

Dead Sea

Dead Sea Greenlight

It is difficult to start a crowdfunding campaign. We were literally preparing this project for a year and we’re still concerned. Phoenix Studio is a small company from Thailand. We don’t have anyone to represent us in USA and that’s why we’ve chosen Indiegogo. We plan to raise $35,000. If we don’t get the money, we’ll just have to come back and run the campaign again. We are also going to release the game on Steam in Early Access. So keep that in mind. The funds raised will be used to employ more developers who possess the necessary skills and experience to deliver a high quality product.

Support Dead Sea on Indiegogo.

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