Decal Technique For Hard-Surface Scenes
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by Stijn Van Gaal
2 hours ago

I'm using an MSI with a 1070 GPU, which for this was more than enough. For bigger scenes and things like landscape streaming or more complex light bakes I would definitely recommend also looking at the CPU and amount of RAM as well

Cool article, and as an export and meshes preparation tool for Blender/Unreal i would recommend this addon: Many thanks!

Decal Technique For Hard-Surface Scenes
15 April, 2019

Sergey Tyapkin has recently shared a tutorial that will show you his Decal Technique for Hard Surface Environment which the artist used in his latest project. You will learn how to create a sci-fi wall using Face Weighted Normals approach and UE4 DBuffer Decals.

The artist pointed out that this technique can save a lot of your time, and will be able to create even 100-meters spaceship holding high texel density without baking normal maps and texturing.

The pack features a 5-hour step-by-step video tutorial with 11 parts showing the wall creation process, from idea to game-ready model.


  • Concept Stage.
  • Creating Trim and Decal Sheet in NDo.
  • Explaining Face Weighted Normals.
  • Modeling Stage.
  • Creating UE4 Project with Procedural Materials.

The pack also comes with all source files:

  • Concept .psd file.
  • Modo and .fbx scenes (in case if you’re not a Modo user).
  • NDo Project with .png textures and .psd source file.
  • UE4 Project (version 4.20).

What is more, there’s a text document with useful links for deep learning included. You can find the pack for $20 here.

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