Destiny 2 Teaser is a Masterpiece
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Destiny 2 Teaser is a Masterpiece
28 March, 2017
I guess you might have heard about the upcoming Destiny 2 reveal. Bungie has already revealed the official name (it’s Destiny 2, no surprises here) and now the company has uploaded a beautiful video teaser.

This short clip features a talkative Guardian (voiced by Nathan Fillion) talking about his adventures. His short story is interrupted, but we won’t spoil the joy of watching this for you.

The teaser for Destiny 2 is done entirely in CGI. I don’t know the studio, but they did an outstanding job here. It’s just a gloriously done CGI, worthy of a cinema debut. The final “reveal” is coming on 30th of March. Looking forward to it.


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That is what you consider a masterpiece? Then stuff from Blur must be beyond the realm of God?