DESYNC - A Tron-like Vicious Shooter
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DESYNC - A Tron-like Vicious Shooter
2 February, 2017
DESYNC from Adult Swim Games and The Foregone Syndicate is an intense, single-player first person shooter that will give you a challenge. You will fight your opponents using vicious attack sequences, while listening to music similar to Miami Hotline soundtrack.  

Switch weapons and move masterfully to unleash Attack Sequences – special moves that deal bonus damage and effects. Launch an enemy into a trap with a well-placed shotgun blast, then destroy another while they’re in the air. Think quickly and discover new combinations to maximize your score and decimate the leaderboards.

  • Fast, reactive, intense FPS gameplay with a unique combo system
  • Detailed leaderboards for each level help players measure their improvement
  • Sleek neon aesthetics in a foreboding atmosphere
  • Ruthless enemies with a variety of defensive and offensive abilities
  • Multiple fire modes on each weapon allow for experimentation and varied playstyles

It is worth noting that the music was created by Daniel Deluxe and Volkorx. DESYNC will be available on February 28, 2017

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