Digital Craft Lions: Celebrating Digital Art
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nice article! i love seeing the breakdowns.

Digital Craft Lions: Celebrating Digital Art
12 January, 2016

The team behind Cannes Lions festival has recently announced a Digital Craft Lions category, which is a new way to award some of the best digital products of the year. What does that have to do with 3d art? Well, a lot actually.


Adweek reports, that campaigns in this category will be awarded for everything from outstanding typography and user interface design to the use of augmented reality or virtual reality. There are 5 subcategories including Form: Image, Sound, Aesthetic; Function: Design, Construction, Experience; Content; Data (including Data Visualization); and Technology. So, if you’re good with 3d art and you’re doing some ad work, there’s a fat chance that you’re applicable to some of the Cannes Lions. Which is crazy if you ask us.

The Cyber and Mobile Lions juries have told us that with more UX- and Craft-focused entries, it is necessary to have experts in this field sitting on the jury. We’ve chosen to split it out so that this specialist area can have its own dedicated jury, which will also make the hugely labor intensive Cyber Lions judging much more manageable going forward.

Terry Savage, chairman, Lions Festivals via press release.

This is the description of the category from the festival’s website:

The popularity of digital technologies and their ability to gather vast amounts of consumer data has meant a change in attitude towards the role of digital design and user experience. From desktop to mobile, to virtual reality and beyond; digital design is now more than ever driven by user need and point of access. How a digital product performs and functions is just as important now as how it looks and feels. Digital Craft Lions is a new award for 2016 which will recognise and celebrate the skill and artistry required in omni-channel digital creativity.

It’s great to see the digital craft to be accepted and popularized by Cannes Lions. Can’t wait to see the upcoming finalists. In a few years, they’ll pretty much have to give out Lions for best achievements in game design. You can read more about the submission requirements here.


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