Digital Game Sales up 23% Since 2010
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Digital Game Sales up 23% Since 2010
15 April, 2015

Since 2010, digital game sales have gone up 23% and 155 million Americans are playing video games according to the new ESA Essential Facts report.

The chart below shows a consistent fall in the sales of retail games while digital sales are taking up more and more of the sales each year. It was last year that the digital revenues passed retail game revenues. It is the continual rise of mobile game sales and growth of the market, along with continued growth of the Playstation Network, Xbox Live, and Steam that contributed to this difference in the past few years.



With the rise of indies and the different variety of games and genres that come with it, it is the genres that have always been leading that continue to dominate sales. It was in 2014 that action games and shooters took up about 49% of sales. That is a huge part of the pie.



When it comes to platforms though, at 62% for devices that are used for games most frequently, PC still tops all. Following PC is consoles at 56%, smartphones at 35%, dedicated handhelds at 21%, and other wireless devices at 31%. The most amazing thing is that, according to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), 80%  own some form of device to play video games. Along with that, 51% of American households use a console for games. There are still more male gamers (56%) than female gamers (44%) and that includes purchase of games (59% males buy games).


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