Directional Warp Hills Nodes for SD
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by jhon perker
48 min ago

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by Matthew
3 hours ago

You may want to credit Critical Role and Sam Riegel for the character creation.

by Admin
7 hours ago

hahaha, oh sorry, man we'll fix. is there a way we can actually contact him???

Directional Warp Hills Nodes for SD
23 May, 2018

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Konrad Krzeminski re-uploaded both of his warp hills nodes on Substance Share. You can now use the goodies in 16-bit mode. 


Directional Warp node that warps with strength proportional to inputs height. Higher, more intense pixels get warped more than those in cavities. This node is built on top of pixel processor warping node made from scratch. Because of that, it has the ability to disable tiling of warped details.

Konrad Krzeminski 

Source: ArtStation

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Pawel Stolecki
Pawel Stolecki

That’s really neat tool to have,leads me to dig dipper into pixel proccesor.
Great job