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Amazing work! What plugin for Maya are you referring to for the haircards?

Good but the Pattern of the foam doesn't change, very disturbing.

by lina
9 hours ago


Discover Pixel Witcher
24 March, 2016

One of the greatest games of 2015, Witcher3, without a doubt looks stunning. But its look makes it difficult for some gamers to experience it because powerful hardware is needed. Talented artist Aleksander Nowak decided to reimagine Witcher’s visuals using pixel art.

Take a look at Nowak’s works:

pixelwitcher_01_by_aleksandernowak-d9vrdxk pixelwitcher_02_by_aleksandernowak-d9vrdxq pixelwitcher_03_by_aleksandernowak-d9vrdxu pixelwitcher_04_by_aleksandernowak-d9vrdy2 pixelwitcher_05_by_aleksandernowak-d9vrdye pixelwitcher_06_by_aleksandernowak-d9vrdyj pixelwitcher_07_by_aleksandernowak-d9vrdyn pixelwitcher_08_by_aleksandernowak-d9vrdyr pixelwitcher_09_by_aleksandernowak-d9waisx pixelwitcher_11_by_aleksandernowak-d9waji6

Source: devianart

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