Dishonored: A Glimpse at the Visual Style of The Second Part
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by Atakan Gürkan
2 hours ago

How can you make planets? Is it hard

by lesa cote
16 hours ago

This is a great post on star wars. Our cheap assignment experts are really impressed.

Thanks for sharing, the lighting on the wheels and coins is beautiful, very painterly.

Dishonored: A Glimpse at the Visual Style of The Second Part
13 June, 2016

At E3 Bethesda press conference developers of Dishonored presented tons of staff from their upcoming game. Still, we have something special for you. Here are some of game’s awesome screens and art.

Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_016 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_017 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_018 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_019 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_020 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_021 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_011 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_013 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_015 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_005 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_007 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_003 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_009 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_002 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_010 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_004 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_006 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_008 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_014 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_001 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_012 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_035 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_049 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_023 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_022 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_027 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_030 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_036 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_044 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_045 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_025 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_033 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_046 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_039 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_043 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_034 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_048 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_040 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_041 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_031 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_047 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_029 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_042 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_028 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_032 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_038 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_024 Dishonored-2_2016_06-12-16_037


Dishonored 2 will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 11, 2016.

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