Dive Into the City of Blade Runner with L.A.2097: Precipice
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by Constantine Medvedev
17 min ago

Great work and breakdown! Thanks for sharing :)

Thiago has escaped from a question about how is the policy in Blizzard :) Or it's just too short quote?

Please put head title as podcast!

Dive Into the City of Blade Runner with L.A.2097: Precipice
8 August, 2016


Do you consider yourself a fan of a classic Blade Runner or the original ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ by Philip K. Dick? The popular sci-fi universe just got bigger with a brand-new VR experience. Get ready to step into the smoggy noir dystopian world of Blade Runner and spend a moment staring at the streets from Rick Deckard’s balcony with L.A.2097 : Precipice

L.A.2097 : Precipice is a VR experience by first time VR developer E’van Johnston who has decided to bring the mood of the popular universe with his DK2.

The whole project revolves around one simple idea – what would it be like to take some time and relax standing on Deckard’s balcony? You don’t have to search for replicants or think about the nature of sadness – take some time off. 

L.A 2097 is not a tour – you can’t go anywhere, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Choosing one single point of view allowed the developer to focus on adding tons of details: from the distant sounds of gloomy city to the cars flying by. The absence of interaction can sometimes add to the atmosphere, especially when it comes to things like Blade Runner.   


E’van Johnston is currently working on making this project even better. For example, latest build added better vehicles and lighting, more building details and some other things. More is yet to be added to the balcony experience and it should be done by 2097…or not. 

You can get it for free here. Below you’ll find some details on the requirements.

Minimum Requirements
  • Oculus Rift DK2
  • GTX 750ti
  • Intel Core i5+
  • Windows 7+
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 4 GB Video RAM

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2 Comments on "Dive Into the City of Blade Runner with L.A.2097: Precipice"


I was talking today about how good it would be to have a blade runner reboot from the westwood games version. In that version I used to strike up a doobie and idle on the balcony to the music of Vangelis. It was the most mellow moment in my 35 year gaming history. Now I read this. I shall see you on the balcony sir !


Funny, now that we’ve published this – there’s actually tons of projects like this. Soon we’ll publish a little article, showing how one man is trying to recreate the Decard apartment in Unity. Great project.