Draw Mesh – Nvil’s Tool for Retopologizing
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Hell yeah Titanfall 3

by The_Thracian
6 hours ago

It looks very promissing, I hope it meets the demands, we should give indi studios a chance more often.

by Anonymous
8 hours ago

Titanfall 3?

Draw Mesh - Nvil's Tool for Retopologizing
9 April, 2018

Nvil, a polygon modeling application with tons of tools created by DigitalFossils, has recently introduced a new tool called Draw Mesh. The tool makes retopologizing work a very pleasant experience, so let’s study its possibilities. 

First, let’s check out a video from the team:

There’s also a nice tutorial on the tool by Artur J. Żarek:

Want to learn more about Nvil? Here are some details on its other features:

Extensive Customization

Nvil allows for huge amounts of user customization, every tool and command can be rebound in the key editor, and the UI can be completely re-arranged. Nvil includes a powerful set of user-customizable radial menus that are context sensitive and depended on the selection type. On top of all of this, even the way the user interacts with tools can be changed customized, with the help of Nvil’s streamline tool editor.

Pure Modeling

Nvil is completely focused on modeling, which allows it to maintain a very clean UI and slimmed down tool-set, focused on just subdivision and polygon modeling. This not only allows Nvil to maintain a slimmed down tool-set, and UI but also allows for more development time to be spent on just the modeling tools and trying to make this the best 3d package available for that one use.

StreamLine Tools

Streamline tools are unique to Nvil. They allow the user to create their own tools and change how they interact with existing ones, using existing commands and basic tools. These also allow for the tool-set to be slimmed down once again, since these are fully context sensitivity, so 1 tool can do a large variety of things depending on the circumstance. These also incorporate features like sticky keys, to make it extremely quick and easy to swap between tools.


Nvil has a built-in 3D-Coat app link.

Nvil also has clipboard copy/paste features which can be used to transfer models between Nvil and other 3D applications if the corresponding application has the same clipboard features.

You can learn more about the tool and get it here.


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3 Comments on "Draw Mesh – Nvil’s Tool for Retopologizing"

AhmEd WaleEd
AhmEd WaleEd

how get it?

Jack Thunderbolt
Jack Thunderbolt

Fósseis Digitais


This looks amazing!