Early Andromeda Art: Different Versions of Characters
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this is an Excellent article, the way its set out with the vids and pics. very technical but not rambley. I learnt alot out of it.

by Eric
7 hours ago

Bob would have been proud

by Krzysztof Czerwiński
12 hours ago

Congratulations Lukas:) Amazing piece of 3D parametric shader:) thank You for sharing Your knowledge:)

Early Andromeda Art: Different Versions of Characters
27 April, 2017
Former BioWare UI designer Eric Bellefeuille shared a large collection of early Mass Effect: Andromeda, which shows how some characters changed over the development cycle. Take a look at another version of Ryder, Peebee, Liam Kosta and Cora Harper. So, it’s all highly subjective, but some changes are really strange. 

I am glad to finally share the conclusion of a 4.5 years in the making of Mass Effect Andromeda at Bioware Montreal as a Lead UI Artist. The work produced in this project was a great deal of collaborations with pretty much all departments at both Bioware Montreal and Edmonton. Also special thanks to all my fellow GUI Artists and Programmers for all their hard work on the game and for their creativity during my Odyssey at Bioware. The user interface in the game were a mix of augmented reality surface table concepts, interactive 3d props design, plenty of menus and HUD systems for gameplay support.

Eric Bellefeuille 

You can find the full gallery here

Author: Artyom Sergeev

Source: Behance

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