Xsolla eSports Academy: Who wants to study Dota 2?
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Busan KR   15, Nov — 19, Nov
Minsk BY   15, Nov — 17, Nov
Minsk BY   16, Nov — 19, Nov
Philadelphia US   30, Nov — 3, Dec
California US   4, Dec — 6, Dec
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This is great. Keeping UVs at 90 degrees never occurred to me but it makes so much sense it seems obvious in retrospect

Unless I'm mistaken, this is how Shadow of the Colossus handles the fur on the Colossi

by Nate Lane
5 hours ago

Awesome breakdown Simon!

Xsolla eSports Academy: Who wants to study Dota 2?
22 March, 2016

With offering more than 700 payment systems Xsolla is a company behind 700 payment systemsmore and one of the biggest billing solution providers worldwide. Well known game companies like Ubisoft, Crytek and Twitch employ Xollas’ services to provide in-game payments. The company decided to join the growing eSports market by presenting the ‘Xsolla eSports Academy’. Ernest Chung, Project Manager at Xsolla eSports Academy discussed the perspectives of the new beginnings.

Earn money by doing what you love with Xsolla eSports Academy

Xsolla eSports Academy is an intuitive video game Coaching and VOD subscription platform available worldwide for all top eSports titles. Backed by Xsolla’s leading PayStation 3.0 solution, Xsolla eSports Academy allows Students, Coaches, and Schools (Pro Organizations) to sign up, create their own profile, and start booking sessions/earning money doing what they love.

Our platform holds a few very important competitive advantages such as being truly available worldwide for everybody (Xsolla’s PayStation 3.0) with over 700+ payment methods, covering ALL eSports titles, as well as 5 supported languages. We have a robust anti-fraud system, 24/7 customer support, and not to mention that we’ve been working in the gaming industry for over 10 years now!

Ernest Chung, Project Manager at Xsolla eSports Academy

It all began as a passion towards eSports, which led to creating own platform. Technologically advanced billing and payments platform (Xsolla’s PayStation 3.0) became a strength and an advantage over competitors to create an educational Coaching platform available worldwide for all popular games. Now, the gamers will get a chance to show their abilities and even gain some money.

Currently, Coaches and Schools who sign up at the Xsolla eSports Academy can set up their personal profiles, fill their “Sessions” calendar, and upload VOD’s for subscription. Coaches and Schools can earn revenue by offering hourly Coaching sessions available on the Coach Calendar and charge whatever they want. They can also earn revenue by uploading VODs, Tips & Tricks, and other cool videos to their VOD Subscriptions folder which is exclusively available for subscribers (Coach sets this price).

On the flipside, we also see a ton of potential partnering and working with already established eSports sites for statistics, tournament set-up, news/PR, streaming, etc. For these types of partnerships, we introduce the Partners Program.

Ernest Chung, Project Manager at Xsolla eSports Academy

The game selection at Xsolla eSports Academy is pretty sweet right now. The company is constantly working on adding more games. Indies are welcome as well, as long as they have a community behind them. It’s sort of a nice way to promote your game as well.

Earn money by doing what you love with Xsolla eSports Academy

It appears that gamers around the world have great chances with Xsolla eSports Academy. We’ll be looking forward ho hearing more from the newly presented project.

Source: esportsentrepreneur.com

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