EISKO Presents Rig On Demand
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7, Mar — 12, Jun
Anaheim US   23, Mar — 26, Mar
San Jose US   26, Mar — 30, Mar
Washington US   30, Mar — 2, Apr
Los Angeles US   2, Apr — 4, Apr
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by jenny
7 hours ago

That is really a great thing for us all. http://fewhacks.com/

by Jeff
9 hours ago

I just based my landscape material on this. I just wish I could exactly figure out what is going on with normals, ao and displacement here.

by Christopher Buller
11 hours ago

That was extremely helpful! Thank you!

EISKO Presents Rig On Demand
15 September, 2016

EISKO announced its next technology feature for online platform Eisko Services. The feature is called Rig On Demand and it will grant any rigid head model with a fully functional facial rig in just a few clicks.

Official Description

You might have guessed: this fast and automated service will grant any rigid head model with a fully functional facial rig in just a few clicks. As it is based on blendshapes generation, the rig takes advantage of a complete set of facial expressions covering the whole range of muscular deformations, visemes and emotional expressions, all perfectly adapted to your model’s morphology and topology.

But bones/skinning fans needn’t worry, it will also offer a more traditional and detailed way of controlling the shapes and expressions, as well as a fine control over the head’s complemented elements (eyes, eyelashes, inner-mouth, tongue and jaw features), and all perfectly adapted to your animation’s approach i/o (MoCap, Video tracking, Keyframe…).


This one might get really useful for both indie developers and larger studios’ devs, who want to save money, time and energy. We’ll be looking forward to getting more on the launch of this feature. 

Source: EISKO

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