Enhanced Reality FPS Turns Your House into a Shooter Arena

You can see what it's going to be like in the demo created by DavidMVRGo.

When video games are not realistic enough, mixed reality comes to the rescue. This field is not as prolific yet, but the upcoming shooter being created by DavidMVRGo is going to add to the variety of such experiences.

Take a look at Enhanced Reality FPS – an upcoming game that will make your house an exciting arena for shooting enemies using an improved setup system designed for faster house setup and calibration. Your goal is to get rid of enemy AI that recognizes the environment around it and uses it to its advantage. So far, the game offers bullet holes and destruction effects, and there are more features planned.

The game is not ready yet, but you can check out a similar experience from the creator – Hauntify Mixed Reality. This time, your home becomes a horror game environment, where you need to identify and expel evil spirits controlled by fully dynamic AI. DavidMVRGo calls Hauntify MR "one of the most stress-inducing mixed reality apps coming to the market," get it here if you dare.

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