Environment Art Classes with Damien Peinoit

3D artist Damien Peinoit offers environment art classes that you can purchase separately or as a full course.

The class covers the first step of the production and goes in detail about working with references and creating reusable assets. In this course, you will work in 3ds Max, ZBrush, and Maya.

The content is divided into 12 videos covering:

  • Intro
  • Modeling bricks and details
  • Sculpting ornate
  • Tricks & tips


You’ll also get files of the layout (max2016 and FBX) and ZBrush examples.

Following the first class, you will continue working on the reusable assets production and start creating the scene.

There are 9 videos that cover:

  • Modeling columns
  • Dressing assembly
  • Tips and tricks

To finish the assembly and add details and foliage, you will additionally learn the workflow in SpeedTree, ForestPack, and 3ds Max Scatter.

This pack goes with 12 videos on:

  • Sculpting the ground, stairs, and foliage
  • Dressing in SpeedTree, 3ds Max scattering
  • Set dressing
  • Tips & tricks

Learn the texturing workflow in Substance Painter and how to tweak the lighting. The last class also includes compositing breakdown.

The videos:

  • SP workflow
  • V-Ray shading
  • Fog, night- and daylighting
  • Working with After-Effects

Get the full course and dive into each step of the production.

The pack includes 4 previously mentioned packs. The full course pack has an FX workflow added for free.

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