Environment Art Courses: From Storytelling to Procedural Creation in Houdini

Check out a compilation of courses that will help you upgrade environment art workflow, starting from storytelling and moving forward to procedural approach in Houdini, lighting setup in UE4, and creation of assets for RTS.

Improve Your Art and Storytelling (Tutorial With Mentorship)

Check out a cool tutorial series combined with mentorship from Mels Mneyan. 

Tutorial contains:

  • Part 1 - sketch with custom shapes (Photoshop/ Procreate)
  • Part 2 - sculpting with 3dcoat (ZBrush)
  • Part 3- sculpting terrain with world creator (with some tips and tricks)
  • Part 4 - rendering in octane
  • Part 5 - Overlapping and storytelling
  • “2100 custom shapes for concept art “ pack from my store
  • 20+ kitbash parts of column and IMM brushes for Zbrush
  • 3d kitbash houses for a background.
  • 30 Bloom photoshop brushes
  • Composition Line set
  • Source files (PSD)

Mastering Environment Creation in Houdini

Dive into the creative process of procedural environments in Houdini with Rebelway. 


  • Introduction to environment art 
  • Advanced terrain generation 
  • Tree/foliage generation
  • Scene assembly 
  • Shading and lighting 
  • Atmospherics and compositing 
  • Advanced compositing 
  • USD - Karma - Arnold 

Lighting In Unreal Engine

Focus on lighting production in Unreal Engine with Marie Yue, an AAA artist. 

  • Basic Lighting Theory
  • Primary Color Theory of Stage Lighting
  • Real Lighting vs. CG Lighting
  • Interior Lighting, Exterior Lighting, Natural Lighting

Environment Arts: Real-Time Strategy Assets

Learn practical approaches to creating assets for RTS assets. The course mainly covers optimization, lighting and FX, prop texting, and modeling.

Environment Prop Master Materials for UE4 - V2

Check out the second version of environment prop master materials for UE4 from Lincoln Hughes.

The pack comes with over 50 shader presets, all set up to simply create instances from and swap textures.

Some details: 

  • Snow/Moss/Dirt/Rust/Wetness/Ice Procedural Top Layer Grunge Materials - simply enabled with a switch in each material instance
  • New Global Coverage Blueprint controls Top Layer Material amounts (and other options) per map using material parameter collections
  • Heavy optimization pass - Material instruction count has been dramatically lowered/optimization options were added/texture samplers lowered
  • Emissive options (strobe/randomized noise)
  • Opacity Mask options
  • Bump Offset Ice Materials (Optional Subsurface Scattering/Fresnel)
  • Layered Blend Materials (2/3 Layers) - Perfect for armor/characters/guns that use masks with tiled textures / unique normal maps
  • Foliage Master Materials - Optional Z-Up Snow/Distance-Field Interaction with characters/SSS
  • Glass Master Materials - Translucency/Refraction/Masked options
  • Edge dither  - blurs the edge when crashing rocks and other meshes through terrain
  • UV Panning added - animated panning moves the texture directionally at varying speeds
  • New auto-scale UV feature (cheaper than World-Space, similar results)
  • Material functions created for almost everything - modularity will increase use for new shaders/organization/future changes/bug fixes

Check out tutorial videos here. 

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