Epic Games Works on 6 Games
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Epic Games Works on 6 Games
28 February, 2017
Epic Games is said to have six games currently in the works. The developer behind Unreal Engine has plans on attracting gamers with newly announced Battle Breakers and five more titles – Spyjinx, Paragon, Unreal Tournament, Fortnite, and Robo Recall.

The company was known for a bloody game franchise called Gears of Wars, but then sold its popular Xbox title to focus on the development of Unreal Engine 4, which now powers some of the biggest games. The engine is capable of providing both AAA and indie experiences. It appears that guys at Epic are ready to dive into games again. 

Epic has a full slate of games coming. We’ve got a strong focus on our game engine, but we’ve also got a strong internally produced games business too.

Donald Mustard, Epic’s creative director

The recently announced Battle Breakers, based on 1980s Saturday morning cartoons, is a tactical role-playing game, which will give you a chance to acquire creatures and fight others with them. The game is described as a sci-fi and fantasy game with hundreds of characters.

Another Epic’s title, Paragon, went into early access beta testing one year ago. The free-to-play title is all about high-end graphics and a top-down perspective, but there are some difficulties here with the competitors like League of Legends and Dota 2. Still, there is so much hope with 800,000 users. 

We are determined to go back to our roots and go directly to users without publisher relationships. The friction that is there. It’s so much better to operate a game live and change it in response to consumer feedback. Paragon has changed so much in response. it’s a continual dialogue. It’s like going back to the days when we first started. That’s what epic is all about.

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games

Epic Games and J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot production company are also working on a title called Spyjinx, which is “going extremely well,” according to Mustard. 

Our collaboration with Bad Robot has been incredible. They are so talented and so understand the language of video games and of character, how to make people care about things in a game. The game is really fun and coming together. You can expect announcements later this year.

Donald Mustard, Epic’s creative director 

Then, there is also a PC game called Fortnite, which is a unique combination of shooting and building and exploration. And “2017 is going to be a huge year for Fortnite,” says Mustard.

We should also mention Robo Recall, a VR-title funded by Oculus for the Oculus Rift and Touch platform. You’ll play as a “recall agent” that has to recall defective robots “with extreme prejudice.”

It’s a full-featured VR game that wouldn’t have been possible without our partnership with Oculus. We want to make a game that makes you feel like you are in the Matrix.

Donald Mustard, Epic’s creative director

We are so excited about Epic’s games. What do you think about these plans? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: VentureBeat

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