Epic MegaGrant Will Be Used To Create Cesium For Unreal

Congrats to the developers of Cesium, the latest recipients of Epic MegaGrant.

The team noted that this is the first time for a full-scale, high-precision 3D globe to be plugged into a leading game engine meaning that the users will get a lot of new possibilities for Unreal’s users. The team will let users stream 3D Tiles into Unreal for accurate visualization of real-world locations captured by satellites and drones.

"Our vision is to allow the simulation community to integrate Unreal Engine as part of their software architecture without having to change the way they work. Defining this 3D Tiles plugin with the Cesium team is a super exciting experience as it will allow the GeoInt community to simplify their pipelines. This activity converges very nicely with our vision towards large open worlds for all users of Unreal Engine," said Sébastien Lozé, Simulations Industry Manager, Epic Games.

The team plans to use the money to grow the 3D geospatial ecosystem using the 3D Tiles format which became the OGC standard for streaming of huge heterogeneous real-world 3D datasets for visualization and analysis. The team added that this format is used by "by government and commercial entities for global-scale terrain, city-scale photogrammetry, and massive point clouds from LIDAR."

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    Epic MegaGrant Will Be Used To Create Cesium For Unreal