ETEREA Quick Locators for MODO Updated

ETEREA Quick Locators for MODO Updated

Cristobal Vila has presented a new version of ETEREA kit for MODO.

Cristobal Vila has presented a new version of ETEREA kit for MODO that will let you quickly add locators and change their sizes and draw options. The toolkit now works in Modo 11.x.

The developer has removed the “Add Smart Locators” row of buttons, creating 3 separate tools:

1. Add Simple Locator at origin and with constant size. No more giant or dwarf locators, by using a simple 0.0 / constant size.

2. Locator at Center of Selected will create a single locator in the center of selected Components or Items.
    • If Verts, Edges or Polys are selected, the script will calculate the center of Bounding Box.
    • If Items are selected, the script will calculate the average of all Item-Centers (no BBox calculations here)

3. Locators at Each Selected will create locators at selected stuff positions:
    • If Verts are selected, as many locators at same world positions.
    • If Edges, as many locators on each edge-center and accordingly oriented, depending on normals.
    • If Polys, as many locators on each poly-center and accordingly oriented, depending on normals.
    • If Items, as many locators on each item position with same rotation and scale.

— For the Modify Selected Locators I leave the 3 most useful in the main panel (Circle, Square & Cube), and other figures can be accesed through a secondary popover.

— Added a new useful tool, Transfer Shape to Others, to change the shape, sizes & colors of all selected locators to be equal to the last selected one.

— Now you can choose between the full range of extra tag colors introduced back in Modo 901. The most useful ones (IMHO) are present in the main panel and there is a secondary popover with the whole collection.

— Small fixes and addons here and there.


— All the modification tools (change shape, size, color…) works over various locators at a time, and this is great, but take your cautions when selecting a LOT of Locators, leaving enough time to scripts to work between click and click.

— There is a button to hide your selections (hide the yellow color for selections, I mean). This is useful to see the color you apply to shaped locator wires. But don’t forget to re-enable this, since your geometry selections will be hidden too.

— Read the Tooltips, there are some “hidden” things that are not so evident (alternate operations pressing ALT, SHIFT, CTRL).

Cristobal Vila 

Download the toolkit

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