F2P Studio LILA Games is Looking for Lead 3D Artist

LILA Games has published a new job post. The team is looking for Lead 3D Artist.

LILA Games is creating a free-to-play mobile game currently dubbed Project B.L.A.C.K. Coming at the first-person shooter (FPS) genre with outstanding expertise and high ambitions, the team is pushing the boundaries of what gaming experiences on portable devices can look like.

The founders include Joseph Kim, a former chief product officer at Sega and studio lead at FunPlus. He led the overall development of the hit 4X title King of Avalon. Another founder is Paul Leydon, a former lead game designer at FunPlus and Machine Zone. He worked on titles such as Game of War: Fire Age. The third founder is Avinash Pandey, who has led development on over 50 mobile apps and games, including the real-time multiplayer shooter Mask Gun that generated over 40 million organic installs.

Below there are 7 clear key business values and philosophies of the LILA Games' Team:

  • Wartime Orientation vs. Peacetime
  • Open and Direct Communication
  • Radical Truth and Debate
  • 1 Owner, Clear Areas of Responsibility (AoRs)
  • Focus: The Hedgehog Concept & North Star Metrics
  • Problems Need to be Addressed
  • Solution Orientation and Optimism

You may visit this channel to learn more about LILA Games itself, founders' view on the game industry and insider tips and best practices.
Here the candidates may also read about the culture and values of the team. 

The team is looking for Lead 3D Artist who will be responsible for leading the art team in the development of high-quality art assets while ensuring adherence with the creative vision of the game.
Among the requirements and perks here are the bonus points that describe the perfect candidate: 

  • Passion for playing and making video games.
  • Self-starter and proactive.
  • Understanding version control and project management tools.

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