Fable Studio Created Two Conversational Artificial People

A VR Entertainment studio unveiled two AI-based people who can hold a conversation with you as if they were real. 

Fable Studio, a virtual reality entertainment studio, released their project with two artificial people in Early Access. You can choose who you want to talk to - a Canadian world-class athlete Beck or Charlie, who is a poet and a musician. 

Beck has been preparing to take part in the Olympics in Tokyo this year and is disappointed that it’s been postponed due to the pandemic. She’s worried that her dreams might not come true. 

Co-founder Pete Billington explained the team’s choice of the character, saying that the world pandemic has impacted the lives of all of us, more or less. However, the disappointment an athlete can feel from postponed competitions such as the Olympics is on another level.  

“We thought it was compelling that all of these Olympic athletes had trained for four years or eight years. And then what would it mean to dedicate your life to something like that, and then have the rug pulled out from under you. We’re all experiencing disappointment and changed plans. But for most of us, that means we canceled a vacation or something. But if you spent a lot of your young adult life training for a single moment, and that gets postponed. What would that feel like?”

Pete Billington via interview 

To find out the story of Charlie, read Pete’s interview with Venturebeat. 

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