Film Sample Project for Unity Available
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I am very impressed! It is easy to see you are on your way to a well-deserved wonderful future.

An absolutely great read, thank you for this. Really lays a foundation on how to go about the learning process.

Hi Matthew and Mr VFX, I’m currently researching this topic of decomposing images into shading and reflectance layers. I would love to learn about what you are trying to use this for to learn more about applications for this technology.

Film Sample Project for Unity Available
16 October, 2018

Are you into real-time filmmaking these days? The Unity team has published a Film Sample Project on the Asset Store that can help you get started with Unity for linear content such as cut-scenes for games, short films, or other use cases.

This package contains an example Unity project preconfigured for anyone interested in creating linear content, such as short films or even an animated series. It uses layout tips from how projects like Adam 2: The Mirror and Baymax Dreams shorts were created, and also serves as a starting point for creating your own cinematic project in Unity.

Unity Technologies

The package includes:
  • Basic project structure and organization, including a custom Unity editor window layout designed specifically for working on linear productions
  • Multi-scene loading framework
  • Base directory structures for content, scenes, timelines
  • Library of tools, timeline extensions, and other goodies
  • A sample short containing 3 shots from the Oats Studios short ADAM: The Mirror, with the with assets from Adam 2: The Mirror
  • Animations for the 3 characters + mocap camera, as generic rig animations
  • An Empty Series set of scenes & timelines designed to be used as the starting point for a new episodic series

You can get more details on the latest pack here


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