Final Fantasy XVI Won't Be an Open-World Title

The producer of FFVI shared that the game won't be an open-world title. He also revealed that the protagonist will be accompanied by one or several companions and spoke about the game's combat system.

When Square Enix unveiled Final Fantasy XVI for the first time, many franchise fans suggested that the new installment will follow its predecessors' way and be a large open-world title. However, according to the game's producer Naoki Yoshida, the team has decided to step away from this.

The producer said that instead of the open world, FFXVI will have several large areas (in the vein of Dragon Age: Inquisition and Pokémon Legends: Arceus) but at the same time, the game still will be inspired by AAA open-world RPGs.

Yoshida explained that this decision was driven by the company's intention to attract more audiences. He shared that the team has found out that the younger generation either never played the previous parts of the series or is simply not interested in the franchise, so the team decided to find a middle ground to appeal to the new generation and, at the same time, satisfy the fans.

The producer also shared some additional details about the upcoming game. For example, he said that the game's protagonist, Clive, will be accompanied by one or several companions along his journey. They will take part in battles and trade banters, and will be AI-driven, so players won't be able to control them.

He also elaborated on the combat system in the game saying that the team decided to shift its focus from turn-based combat to real-time action. He noted that each battle in the game will be unique, and it's up to a player to choose their own playstyle.

"For the battle system, we’ve not only given the main character, Clive, an arsenal of powerful attacks and abilities based off of these traditional Final Fantasy summons, but we’re allowing him to cycle through those attacks in real-time, to deal those attacks in real-time," Yoshida said. "Seamless switching and swapping of actions and chaining them together to create these unique combinations … are all up to the players’ different playstyles," he added.

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  • Pato Patricio Cassone

    AI controlled.... mmmmm i prefer a turn base battle system


    Pato Patricio Cassone

    ·4 days ago·

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