Firewall Ultra: The Evolution of the Firewall Franchise for PSVR 2

Firewall Zero Hours developer First Contact Entertainment revealed a few features that its new title, Firewall Ultra, brings thanks to PSVR 2 capabilities.

First Contact Entertainment has announced Firewall Ultra, the next game in the Firewall series that will be available for PlayStation VR2 and will take advantage of the new features Sony's new headset has to offer.

Firewall Ultra is a live-operated first-person multiplayer shooter that is set five years after the original game, Firewall: Zero Hour. According to the developers, the title will represent the evolution of the previous game offering enhanced graphics and bringing new features thanks to PSVR 2's technologies.

First Contact shared that all the character models and maps in Firewall Ultra were completely remade to comply with the high level of visual fidelity that PSVR 2 offers due to its 4K HDR OLED screen. The game will also add new locations and contractors as well as offer new weaponry and equipment that will feature a much deeper level of customization.

The new features in the game also include a rounds system, besides, according to the developers, the game adds an entirely new PvE experience. In addition, the developers promised to support the game post-launch adding new contractors, maps, and weapons.

The developers also harnessed PSVR 2's new Sense Technology features, including eye-tracking, in the game, so players will get the ability to intuitively swap weapons and bring up HUD indicators through cameras built into the headset.

The game will also use a number of PSVR 2 features including finger touch detection, haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers. The title will offer a 110° field of view and support foveated rendering. The loading time will also become significantly faster due to PSVR 2 capabilities.

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