Foliage Packs for Unity
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Found it here:, just in case anyone else is looking for it.

The link at the end is pointing back to the article. Couldn't find the Quad Remesher and I would really love to test it.

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Foliage Packs for Unity
25 January, 2019
Top 10

Our next list of asset packs for Unity smells like summer. Have a look at these foliage offers that will help you assemble nature scenes.

Free SpeedTree Package

The first pack will give you a chance to give SpeedTree models a test run in your project without any cost. These four free SpeedTree models feature seamless LOD transitions and scalable wind effects that work in Unity out of the box.

Package includes:

  • Broadleaf in desktop and mobile resolutions, a conifer in desktop resolution, and Palm in desktop resolution.
  • 29 high-res diffuse/normal/specular maps.

Green Ash Package

The next SpeedTree pack features models with seamless LOD transitions and scalable wind effects that work in Unity out of the box.

Package includes:

  • Summer, autumn, and winter versions in hero, desktop, and mobile resolutions.
  • 39 high-res diffuse/normal/specular maps.
  • 10 leaf map maker SPM files (details).

Customizable Plants

This asset pack brings 13 hand-painted plants you can customize the way you want. You can use the PlantShader to change the look of your plants and create your own vegetation.


  • 4 flowers, 7 plants, 2 grass (appr. 50-300 tri / plants)
  • 2 textures 2048*2048 (albedo and masks)
  • 32 prefabs
  • 7 example scenes

Custom shader parameters:

  • Color customization: choose between two main colors and they will blend together. Make them more realistic or go crazy and create alien vegetation. You can also choose the flower color separately from the plant.
  • Emissive control: you can add emissive and play with the intensity and the color. This will be perfect to give your plants a fantasy look, or simply make them visible during the night.
  • Outline control: choose to display or not an outline and modify his color to give your plants a more stylized look.

Hand-Painted Plants

The next one holds 40 plants in a cartoon style which can help you set up different stylized scenes.


  • Low poly models
  • fbx format
  • Uses four atlas textures of 4096 x 4096 resolution (diffuse)
  • png format + original (psd)

Realistic Grass & Bush Pack

The final foliage pack contains beautiful low poly flower planets and editable grasses which can give life to your scenes.

The pack is said to feature 1024, 512, 256 Diffuse, Normal texture maps.


VEGAS Pro 16 Edit

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