Former Xbox Boss Says Microsoft & Sony Encouraged Console Wars to Challenge Each Other

Peter Moore shared that without this competition, "gaming would be a poorer place."

Peter Moore, a former Microsoft executive that helped oversee Xbox, has shared that Microsoft encouraged console wars between the company and Sony "not to create division, but to challenge each other."

In Front Office Sports' podcast, Moore talked about his time at Xbox and how the competition between the two studios made the gaming scene what we have today.

"We encouraged the console wars, not to create division, but to challenge each other," Moore said. "And when I say each other I mean Microsoft versus Sony. If Microsoft hadn’t stuck the course after the Xbox, after the Red Rings of Death, gaming would be a poorer place for it, you wouldn’t have the competition you have today.

"Two big behemoths like Microsoft and Sony investing billions each is good for gaming, it's as simple as that. They have to be great, otherwise, the gamers are going to go to the other guy."

Moore later added that "if we didn't resolve Red Rings of Death the way that we did, I know darn well there'd be no Xbox today."

It's an interesting position, considering the current head of Xbox Phil Spencer seems to think the companies should cooperate to provide players with games on every possible platform.

What do you think about console wars? Share your thoughts in the comments and check out the podcast here.

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