Free Indie Mentorships
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VUE without competition

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Can you please give us a walkthrough how to implement this into Maya? would be super helpful. Thanks a lot.

Free Indie Mentorships
22 May, 2019

Do you know that Weather Factory is offering free indie mentorships for developers working on commercial projects? The team of mentors can help you and your team make the best possible game, release it on time and in budget, set up basic marketing campaigns.

The studio can only have five active mentees at once as they’re a small studio, but might still have some free space for your project.

You have a chance to apply if you’re an indie developer working on a commercial game. “We’re a narrative-driven studio, so we might not be much help to a 30-strong AA team making an ultraviolent punch-up game. But if you’re interested, it can’t hurt to get in touch.”

The team offers the following:

  • a meet-n-greet lunch / Skype call with one/some/all of the team
  • a half-day marketing session to set out a marketing plan for your game
  • a half-day production session to draw up a production plan, and set at least two milestones for your project
  • a half-day narrative and/or design session, to help hone your game’s story, mechanics and gameplay
  • access to the Weather Factory mentee Slack channel for a year to talk and bounce ideas off other mentees
  • and more (you can find the full list here)

You will choose the main mentor who’ll be your main contact over a 12-month mentorship. Your mentors will be there to answer questions, give guidance and do all they can to help you. The mentors are Alexis Kennedy (writer and designer of Fallen London, Sunless Sea and Cultist Simulator) Lottie Bevan, and Claire Sharkey.

In return, you will have to:

  • have a commercial release schedule
  • two milestone deadlines of your choice
  • write one guest piece for the Weather Factory blog

So, why would you want to join the party? The team helped make Sable (Shedworks), Nowhere Prophet (Sharkbomb Studios). and other games. You can learn more about the program here.

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