Free Spider Scene by Andrew Averkin
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great work. thanx for this article

3 hours ago

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Free Spider Scene by Andrew Averkin
24 July, 2017

Our friend Andrew Averkin decided to share his marvelous spider scene for free. Originally created in 3ds Max and V-Ray, the scene is a great example of scrupulous work featuring a perfect composition. Techniques might seem old, buy you can definitely learn something new from the project.

Back in 2009, I remember that beautiful day when for the first time I have posted my work called Spider and got a few awards on different 3d resources! That was soo amazing! 

And today I want to make other artists happy too! I am very excited to share with you this Complete 3D Scene, which of cource is ABSOLUTLY FREE! This scene is done in 3ds Max and V-Ray and include everything that you see on images. Just open it, refresh the path for textures, hit the render button and BAAAM see the magic! 

Of cource this scene is quite old and was created with more older technologies compare to nowdays, but I believe that other guys still can learn something new from it and I will be more then happy if this scene could be helpful for other artists! 

Andrew Averkin 

Get the scene

Source: Gumroad

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