Free Tutorial: Approaching Modular Foliage in Games
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Free Tutorial: Approaching Modular Foliage in Games
31 May, 2019

Jobye-Kyle Karmaker from Respawn Entertainment shared a bunch of useful information and tips on producing modular vegetation from scratch. It was a gamedev talk at Digital Dragons 2019.

Here’s some slides from the presentation:

Almost every slide has a detailed note that explains the things you’d see on the screen. At the end, there’s also a bunch of useful takeaways.

You can download the full presentation here (download the full 2GB .pptx and open with PowerPoint, won’t work with Google Slides)

Also, Jobye-Kyl kindly shared useful links that he referenced during the talk:

There should be a YouTube video posted by Digital Dragons eventually but, as for now, you can follow the artist to keep yourself updated:

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George Rolfe

I converted it to a PDF. It’s still enormous but at least you can open it.

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The pptx file is way too large to open

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