Free UE tutorials from ‘The Solus Project’ Developer
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by Rathan kumar.Muthyam
17 hours ago

Thanks for sharing and detailed production breakdown

i thought there wouldnt be anything better than akeytsu for creating easy animations. im happy if i am proven wrong.

Keith, I just wanted to stop by and say: Thank you.

Free UE tutorials from ‘The Solus Project’ Developer
28 December, 2016
3d artist, game developer (he launched his own amazing indie title The Solus Project this year) and Unreal Engine evangelist Sjoerd De Jong (Hourences) decided to celebrate New Year in a big way. From today you can download all of his books and educational videos for free! 2 books, and 7 big Unreal Engine 3 and 4 video tutorial projects. That is hundreds of pages, and dozens of hours of video tutorials for Unreal Engine lovers.

Some of the content in those videos is beginning to age. The UE4 videos were done using 4.0 so there are some minor interface differences. The UDK videos feel very old, but they teach you about the topics, which are still relevant in the UE4 era. Many of the deeper technical things in UE3 are still identical in UE4. The only thing that changes is the interface.

2016 has been as crazy as every year. On behalf of Epic I visited a few dozen cities and countries evangelizing the Unreal Engine, and met thousands of studios, developers, and enthusiasts alike.

My work at the education Futuregames in Stockholm also carried on as usual, hitting another ~80% success rate on people being hired into the industry on the day of graduation.

After exactly 3 years of work, my game The Solus Project also finally launched. In June for PC, in July for Xbox One. I could write a book about what I experienced and learned from the whole process, but in short it has gone great. For a team of only a few people, operating on a near zero budget, the game shipped a very solid 150 000 copies in the first six months of its release.

Sjoerd De Jong

We congratulate Sjoerd De Jong on his successful 2016 and wish him all the best in the upcoming year. You can read our interview with Sjoerd here.

List of Unreal Engine tutorials


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btw, fix the captha. I enter it right but it works only after 3rd try every time.


Yeah I noticed when I see a lot of new videos in youtube feed. I didn’t know he released book for free, I never read it but now want.