Free UE4 Pack for Networked Destruction

Free UE4 Pack for Networked Destruction

It’s time for another free Unreal pack.

It’s time for another free Unreal pack. DENT is a fully networkable template that is said to extend the functionality of the destructible mesh mechanics by allowing for point and radial fracture control over the mesh. DENT is meant to add realism to the audio and visual effects of impacts on destructible structures.

List of Features

  • Full network support for destructible meshes
  • Extended fracture control on destructible meshes
  • Example Networked ranged damage system template included
  • Modular examples of destructible buildings
  • Fracture events:
  • disable lighting
  • explode on fracture
  • AOE damage
  • spawn particle emitters and sounds for both radial and point-based damage
  • damage debris
  • kill switch
  • 25 destructible items configured in blueprints:
  • barrel
  • wooden box
  • stone wall as an extended structure with support
  • 2 lamp posts – affect lighting
  • 2 modular buildings
  • basic particle emitters and sounds included

You can learn more and get the pack here.

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