Fresh Offers from Unity Asset Store

Today we've picked up top-rated packs from Unity Asset Store that are on sale now. 

A collection of photo-scanned grass, flowers, and weeds to create realistic meadow scenes. Scanned from real-life plants and manually created in 3D with attention to detail. All models have multiple LODs to show detailed vegetation up-close and high-performant vegetation in the distance.

This package contains 74 prefabs: 19 unique prefabs, each with 4 variants containing multiple scattered meshes. These scattered meshes are combined into a single mesh for best performance.

  • 9x Grass
  • 4x Flowers
  • 5x Plants
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1 of 4

The pack includes all the elements to create a magnificent and ancient-looking environment for your scenes. 

Modular Ruins Pieces: Columns, Platforms, Ground Tiles, Stone Block Walls, Staircases, Brides, Pillars.

Nature and Props: Trees, Bushes, Grass, Roots, Flowers, Stones, Lianas, Fireplace.

This extended pack contains grim architecture details and other assets which you can use to make your own grim environment. All main textures are 4K and include all that you need for PBR rendering. 

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