Friday Deals: In-Depth Tutorials with a 50% Off

Fasttrack Tutorials have announced a sale for all their step-by-step tutorials. 

Today we've created a list of tutorials that will make your artistic skills go through the roof. Also, all these tutorials are with 50% discount for Black Friday. 

The courses were prepared by Emiel Sleegers, a senior environment artist currently working in the AAA Game Industry. He contributed to the development of The Division 2 at Ubisoft, Forza Horizon 3 at Playground Games, and more. 

1. Creating Destroyed Assets for Games

It's a new 27-hour tutorial on how professional environment artists create destroyed assets for games. The guide covers different techniques including correct asset planning, creating modular assets, creating destroyed concrete and pillars, creating destroyed wood/flooring, creating rubble piles, simulating debris, and more.

You may get this course here at $20 USD. 

2. Full Environment Creation in UE5 & Blender

During this 31-hour tutorial, Emiel will guide you through the full process of creating an environment: by going over the reference, then creating a blockout of level and setting it up in UE5. You will first create all of your procedural materials and turn your blockout models into final models. After this step, the mentor will show you how to export all the artworks to Unreal Engine 5 and set up your level.

This course is also one sale for $20 USD

3. Creating Large Game Environments With UE5

The course features over 32.5 hours of content. The tutorial covers a number of topics including modular modeling, procedural texturing, high to low poly modeling, sculpting, composition, level art, lighting, and more. 

The course is available at $20 USD here

We also encourage you to check out more courses on Fasttrack Tutorials page

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