Frogwares Recreates Istanbul With A City Generator
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Really lucky that got to read Laurie Durand, a famous environment 3D artist’s experience of working in Ubisoft and taking part in the production of For Honour. Surely helpful for amateur 3D artist. Alex,

Nice. Congratulation @munkhjin

Hurry up and get it on the store - I need it for a project ;-)

Frogwares Recreates Istanbul With A City Generator
8 October, 2018

Are you waiting for The Sinking City from the team at Frogwares? The studio has recently presented the true potential of their city builder tech that they created in Unreal Engine 4 by recreating a real city in just one working day

Frogwares launched the whole test by asking fans on social media to vote from a list of iconic cities and Istanbul turned out to be the winner). The team then spent eight hours with the city builder, buildings that had already been created for the upcoming game, and Google Maps.

The first step here was to grid the city and accurately mark the street locations, then define different areas (residential and industrial areas, for example). The tech then automatically matched the building maps according to different areas.

The test took the team a total of six hours. Although this was just a small test area, you have to admit that the potential here is huge. The CEO of Frogwares stated that after the release of their game, the team will provide this tool to other developers, students, and aspiring artists for free.

Make sure to watch the full video and discuss it in the comments below. 


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