Full Lineup of Epic Games’ GDC 2018 Talks
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San Antonio US   18, Jan — 21, Jan
London GB   21, Jan — 23, Jan
Taipei TW   24, Jan — 29, Jan
Zürich CH   31, Jan — 4, Feb
Leamington Spa GB   31, Jan — 3, Feb
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Full Lineup of Epic Games’ GDC 2018 Talks
12 April, 2018

Epic Games released more content and learning material at this year’s Game Developers Conference than ever before, and videos of all sessions, tech talks, and the “State of Unreal” opening session are now available online for free, no login required. 

The full playlist can be found below:

Supporting the exponential growth of the Unreal Engine community, now at over 5 million developers, Epic’s GDC content showcases exciting new engine features and how developers can leverage them for projects across games, cinematic content and enterprise applications. 

All of Epic’s GDC content is now available here.

Epic’s GDC content includes:

  • State of Unreal: Full video of Epic’s annual opening session led by Founder and CEO Tim Sweeney and CTO Kim Libreri. Guest presentations include ILMxLAB’s Mohen Leo demonstrating real-time raytracing in an exclusive Star Wars scene powered by UE4, NVIDIA’s RTX technology, and Microsoft’s DXR framework; 3Lateral’s Vladimir Mastilovic showcasing the future of digital humans with a real-time digital performance starring Andy Serkis; YouTube content creator Ali-A debuting Unreal’s new live record and replay capabilities; and much more.
  • Tech Talks: These sessions cover the most cutting-edge features for Unreal Engine, of which all developers will soon be able to take advantage. Hear about creating cinematic lighting in Unreal Engine, creating believable digital characters and photoreal virtual humans, engine optimizations to achieve scalability in Fortnite: Battle Royale across both 60fps console and mobile efforts, and UE4’s new VFX editor, Niagara.
  • Learning Theater: Go in-depth on key UE4 features and learn about how development efforts on Fortnite are improving Unreal for all users. Topics include real-time lighting techniques and tools, improving Maya animation workflows with Live Link, optimizing in-game assets through UE4’s new material layering system, easily building high-end gameplay effects across disciplines with Blueprint, and the latest improvements to Unreal’s volumetric fog and lighting features.
  • Unreal Engine GDC Education Summit: Get a recap of this year’s GDC Education Summit, featuring a variety of learning resources directly from the Unreal Engine education team. Presentations cover technical art, teaching programming with Blueprint visual scripting, a look at Unreal’s new Datasmith tool for enterprise, an introduction to the new Niagara VFX system, and more.
Epic’s GDC 2018 YouTube playlist includes 36 videos and can be accessed here.

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