Game Character Production from a 2D Concept

Kasita Wonowidjojo prepared a detailed breakdown of her hero character Devka based on Svetlana Kostina’s concept covering the work on the face, Marvelous Designer to ZBrush workflow for cloth simulation, and texturing in Substance Painter.


Kasita Wonowidjojo

Published on

Jun 15, 2020

WOWCube Game System: Combining Education and Technology

WOWCube Game System Team talked about its device, shared how the came up with merging educational toys and technology and discussed the technical approach to its production and content creation.


WOWCube Game System

Published on

Mar 24, 2020

Celeste Fan Art: Highlighting Character with Texturing & Pose

Madeleine Herold talked about the production of her Madeline character, a tribute to the game Celeste, and covered the body and hair sculpting in ZBrush, simplistic but impactful texturing, and posing.


Madeleine Herold

Published on

Jan 28, 2020

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