Game Design Lessons From Marvel's Spider-Man

Learn how you can use different elements to design a smooth gameplay experience with these tips from Ketul Majmudar.

Ketul Majmudar has recently shared his awesome study of combat spaces with verticality from Marvel's Spider-Man. The artist had difficulties designing his own areas so he decided to start by analyzing the game's levels, Fisk construction site arenas, in particular, to get some tricks and then design new levels.

The designer looked at how Insomniac approached verticality, number of perch points, number of enemies, and other aspects to build a perfect gameplay experience.

After sharing the post on Twitter, Shane McCloskey, one of the original designers, shared his own image and provided additional info.

“Our number one goal was to keep the player in the flow state. Keeping bots infilled was key, making sure to have spawns nearby each space and to kick off a new wave half through the current one," wrote the designer. "Our number two goal was to move the player throughout the space, providing them with 5-6 mini combats vs one big arena brawl. We accomplished this with shooters, bringing them out at the start of a new wave, poking the player, encouraging them to push over and take them out."

Make sure to read the article on Medium.

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