Game Developer's Postmortem on Diablo II

Learn more about the production process behind Blizzard's Diablo II by reading this article.

Back in 2000, Game Developer published an article that described the production process behind Blizzard's Diablo II. Erich Schaefer, who held the position of senior designer, art director, and story writer for Diablo II, gave a behind-the-scenes look at the team's hardships and crunch periods they had to endure in order to release Diablo II, a game still loved by many. 

"The original Diablo went gold on the day after Christmas in 1996, after a grueling four-month crunch period. We hadn't put any thought into what game to do next, but as most developers can probably relate to, we were pretty certain we weren't ready to return to the Diablo world after such a long development cycle," reads the postmortem. "The only thing we were certain of was that we wanted to avoid another crunch like we had just experienced. Diablo II went gold on June 15, 2000, after a grueling 12-month crunch period."

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