Game Jobs: Art Outsource Producer at Crystal Dynamics
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nice article! i love seeing the breakdowns.

Game Jobs: Art Outsource Producer at Crystal Dynamics
31 May, 2017
Crystal Dynamics is seeking an Art Outsource Producer to focus on the visual development of the product, and work closely with the team of Art Outsource Manager, Creative Director, and Art Director to ensure the quality and integrity of the product meets or exceeds product vision, and pushes the boundaries of competitive visual quality.

An ideal candidate is described as someone with exceptional visual and communication skills and a strong understanding of the art creation process from an aesthetic, pipeline, and technical standpoint. the Art Outsource Producer monitors the continuity of art assets with outside vendors. 

Essential functions

  • Collaborating with Producer and Art Director to understand and communicate the visual goals of the project externally and maintain consistency of this vision with outside vendors and teams
  • Facilitating communication between Art teams to realize overall goals and deliver a successful project on time
  • Assisting the External Producer(s) in the creation and overall management of external art schedules and resource plans
  • Tracking and providing specific visual feedback on all assets throughout the stages of production to completion
  • Preparing all approved assets with Internal materials and shaders, ensuring naming conventions are correct, and checking assets into Perforce.
  • Notifying all artists on the team when approved assets are in and ready for use.
  • Collaborating with programmers to brainstorm technical ideas and solutions
  • Responsible for shepherding and improving the art production pipeline between internal and external productions and enforcing the process throughout the project cycle
  • Working with Producer to adjust project goals and design revisions on the fly as necessary to adapt to changing situations to meet established schedules
  • Identifying potential problems in the art pipeline and working with the Producer(s) to prevent them
  • In partnership with Producer, help settle project-related conflicts and disputes, and remain proactive in problem solving
  • Assist with staffing plans, project postmortems, continued development of external relationships
  • Vetting external parties for viability and quality and making recommendations on choice of external vendor
  • Supporting the Producer to keep studio executive staff, the publisher and/or marketing staff up to speed on product status through the preparation and presentation of appropriate project materials (e.g., milestone updates, demos, etc) 

Skills and Abilities

  • Understands game production design process and methodology and has been through numerous cycles in a leadership capacity
  • Ability to understand and work within the limitations of previous and next-gen console specifications with proven experience for optimizing towards specific platform constraints
  • Demonstrates an understanding of storytelling, craftsmanship and continuity 
  • Effective communication with peers, art staff, and senior management 
  • Ability to balance impacts of deadlines and resources with style and quality requirements of a title’s art direction 
  • Demonstrated ability to solve complex problems efficiently 
  • Ability to maintain pacing in situations of intense schedules 
  • Strong time management skills with a proven ability to focus on priorities juggle multiple tasks and meet deadlines 
  • Previous experience with outsourcing, managing external vendors or teams, and directing others through written communication
  • Ability to work cooperatively on a team spanning artists, programmers and designers, and to compromise when necessary to achieve overall best results 
  • Ability to communicate effectively with executive level staff on a broad range of topics: technical, business and creative 


  • At least 3+ years prior game industry experience in either an in-house studio or 3rd party publisher.
  • Proven track record of working with an established AAA franchise 
  • Shipped a minimum of 2 video game titles 
  • Experience working with external development
  • Proven next-gen console experience


Source: Jobvite

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