Game Jobs: Level Designer at Crystal Dynamics

Game Jobs: Level Designer at Crystal Dynamics

The studio behind Tomb Raider project is looking for an experienced level designer, who can help out with the production of 3d worlds.

Crystal Dynamics is a very hot place to work right now. The company has recently moved into a new big office and they are currently looking for new amazing talents. Specifically, a level designer with 3++ year experience in AAA game development and 5 levels under his belt. This is a full-time position. Here’s a brief description.
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The ideal candidate shows strength both design and artistic capabilities, including their eye for composition, level flow and layout of 3D spaces that reflect a grand scale.   The candidate should display high and low-level expertise in formalized 3D world building processes, from planning and paper maps to 3D software implementation in a proprietary engine.  The ideal level Designer will have expertise in crafting action-adventure style levels that are grounded in the fiction of the world and make use of the common core elements and tools at the player’s disposal.  The ideal candidate must be able to iterate and refine their level given many different development challenges.  The person filling the position should be comfortable with scripting in a visual-based scripting language.  The ideal candidate should display strong collaborative skills when working with multiple disciplines including Narrative, Environment art, systems design and engineering.

Essential Duties:

  • Creating levels and level layouts from start to finish that are unique, grounded and engaging in a 3rd person action adventure title.
  • Generate game documentation and 2D paper designs for levels, including layouts for puzzles, combat and traversal.
  • Quickly design and iterate on level layouts in a 3D toolset, working closely with various disciplines, leads and other designers to make sure gameplay, epic moments and narrative elements are harmonious with the overall project vision.
  • Create basic level content utilizing various tools including object oriented scripting, a proprietary 3D package and commercial 3D packages.
  • Create stellar level designs and effectively communicate their intentions to key members of their team.
  • Implement level design changes from play testing data from both in and out of house data.
  • Strong collaborative and social skills are a must when defining the core elements of a level and taking those concepts from ideas to shippable quality on screen.

Essential Requirements, Competencies, Skills & Knowledge:

  • 3+ years of professional AAA Level Design experience
  • Must have shipped at least one AAA console action title with level design experience in a 3rd person perspective game
  • Must have been responsible for the completion of at least 3 to 5 levels from start to finish in a single title.
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a game development program or similar
  • Expert level knowledge and experience with 3D Modeling Software (preferably Maya)
  • Experience working with proprietary development tools utilizing modular development for 3D assets in a prototype methodology for world building.
  • Experience building large open worlds with a keen eye for system design concepts a plus
  • Great working knowledge of game design theory and game development methodologies including level design theory and practice
  • Can easily break down core level design elements and use them when for creating combat, puzzle and traversal sections of a level
  • Must display evidence of work in portfolio style during interview (level design layouts, block mesh layouts, paper maps, etc)
  • Basic experience with any scripting system required
  • A deep passion and enthusiasm for making and playing action/adventure games
  • A good understanding of the competitive landscape in the console world
  • Must be able work in both a collaborative and “get it done” environment

Don’t forget to add your portfolio with relevant work samples. 

You can apply for the job here.

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